Charis Tsevis
Born in Athens in 1967. Studied Graphic Design and Advertising (Diploma) at the Deutsche Hohere Lehrastalt fur Graphic Design, Athens, Greece, and Visual Design (Master) at the Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milan, Italy. He is the Vice Head at the Graphic Design department of AKTO College of Art and Design, where he teaches editorial design and typography. Charis Tsevis writes regularly for 'RAM', 'Grafistas', 'DeltaD', and 'RAM Cyprus' about computer history, cyberculture, aesthetics and design issues. His articles are also published in 'To Vima', 'Publish', 'GA' and the internet portal 'IN.GR'. He runs Tsevis Visual Design, his own studio in Athens, and collaborates with 'Parachute Type and Image Corporation' designing typefaces. Charis Tsevis won seven EBGE awards in 2002 and 2003.
Give education an Oscar!
Planning, designing and casting for the real school. Coming soon...