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During the three years of its existence, the Publishing Mechanism of the University of Macedonia (PMUM) became popular within the University campus offering solutions and responding to everyday communication needs. It produced educational material in digital form and arranged alternative publications.

The quality of the design and print work introduced high aesthetic standards. The successful development of PMUM into an essential service for the University lead the Rectorate to the decision to establish the University Publishing House in June 2001. In a competitive and rising greek publishing field, the University of Macedonia Press (UOMP) intends to set high academic standards. The UOMP is planning a demanding publishing programme, which will contribute to the development of an ambitious title list. Based on the already gained experience and the value of its human resources, a successful future course is guaranteed for the UOMP.

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Altervision was established in the beginning of 1997 by a team of people whose relationship with typography and visual communication goes fairly back in time. This relationship, bearing different characteristics for each member of the team, covered a wide range of applications and interests in the graphic communication field, from design production and publishing to academic research and lecturing.

A series of books, an experimental design journal, articles, an academic magazine about typography, involvement in typographic education, and published research about the history and the aesthetics of greek typography, constitute part of Altervision's production. Common experience in the educational and professional arenas, the ability to compose -in a creative manner- different views expressed by each member, and the need to face new challenges in the graphic arts field, led to the decision to establish Altervision.

Altervision approaches every project, no matter how big, in equal terms, bearing in mind its position within a community, whose already established graphic conventions respects. However, this approach does not confine the team's experimental work, resulting in design proposals quite different in spirit from the already existing ones.

Apart from the main professional activity of typographic and design applications, Altervision aims at further developing as many as possible areas related to its interests. Within this framework it undertook, together with the University of Macedonia Press, the planning and organization of the International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication, which is to take place in Thessaloniki in June 2002.

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