Program of Meetings:

  • The first Workshop has taken place in Novosibirsk (7-10 June 2000). We discussed issues of methodology, and organisation (Click here to see the time-schedule of the meeting and some photos of the participants).
  • The second Workshop will take place in Uzhgorod on May 2001, and will focus upon the preparations for the fieldwork research and the finalisation of the questionnaire instruments.
  • The third Workshop will be held in Ufa in month 18, and will focus upon the analysis and interpretation of findings.
  • The Conference will be held in Uzhgorod in month 24. It will aim to disseminate the main findings of the project. Policy-makers from all three INTAS countries will be invited alongside officials from INTAS. The collaboration between researchers from NIS and INTAS countries will also be facilitated through a number of extended visits. During the duration of the project two members from each NIS team will visit for a period of two weeks one of the two INTAS teams.
All three workshops and the Conference will be organised in NIS states - the main reason behind the selection of the location involves the need to involve policy-makers in the research project.