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1. Introduction 
2. Review of the theoretical literature (concepts and theorisation)
2.1. Agriculture and rural areas in modern economy
2.2. The globalisation and rural periphery
2.3. Integration and rural periphery
2.4 Localisation and rural periphery
2.4.1. Problems of structural adjustment and comparative advantages
2.4.2 Globalisation and the local economy. Directions of a theoretical debate.
2.4.3. Deterritorialisation and clusters
2.5. New enlargement of the European Union - prospects of rural areas development 
2.5.1. Agriculture in the strengthened pre-accession strategy
2.5.2. Development of rural areas in the strengthened pre-accession strategy
2.5.3. Adaptation of the food economy in the CEECs to requirements of acquis communautaire
2.5.4. Estimated effects of the EU enlargement for rural areas
3. Review of applied studies
3.1. Review of national literature
3.1.1. Germany
3.1.2. Greece
3.1.3. Poland
3.1.4. Portugal
3.1.5. United Kingdom
4. Synthesis and guidelines for further research

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