Description of the Work


In order to address the complex issues involved in the project clear links between objectives, methodology, WPs and deliverables have been established. The project has been organised around four thematic WPs (1-4):

The approach will be adopted for all four Thematic WPs, that can be divided into three main stages:

These four WPs will be complemented by processing Action Specific WPs. WP5 will involve the data collection co-ordination and processing. The proposed methodological instruments include both desk-top research (literature review and the processing of official statistics) and extensive fieldwork investigation. The latter involves a variety of methodological instruments such as:

The remaining Action Specific WPs include Dissemination (WP6-Final report, WP7-Web site and WP8-Book) and Co-ordination (WP9).

The organisational structure of the project has been designed in such a way as to assure the closest co-operation among the members of the consortium.