The Future of Europe's Rural Periphery: 

The role of Entrepreneurship in responding to Employment Problems and Social Marginalisation (FERP)

The project is financed by the 5th Framework Programme of the European Community for Research, Technology Development and Demonstration activities (1998-2002 - Key action "Improving the socio-economic knowledge base")

The duration of the project is 30 months (March 2000 - September 2002)


Project Abstract

The element common to many European rural peripheral areas, during the past decade appears to be a process of economic restructuring associated with an intensification of employment problems and the marginalisation of certain social and economic strata. Within the context of a growing globalisation of economic activity, entrepreneurship and technological change are perceived both by researchers and policy-makers, as key instruments in engineering economic growth. The project FERP sets out to examine, at a European wide level, the actual and potential contribution of entrepreneurial ventures and new technology in stimulating economic development in rural peripheral locations. The underlined aim is to identify instances of best practice, both in terms of public and private initiatives, and develop a coherent combination of policy objectives facilitating the long-term maintenance of economic vitality in the countryside.