University of Lisbon (Portugal), Institute of Social Sciences


The Institute of Social Sciences was created in 1982 as part of the University of Lisbon, where it possesses faculty status. It grew out of the earlier Gabinete de Ciencias Sociais, founded in 1962. It is an institution geared to the promotion of research and post-graduate teaching in the broad area of the Social Sciences. Its journal Analise Social has played a central role in the evolution of Portuguese Social Sciences ever since its foundation (1963).

Presently, the institute integrates 30 Research Fellows (24 of post-doctoral status) and 36 external collaborators. In 1999, these collaborated in 10 integrated research programs and 53 unitary research projects. Of the latter, 45 were developed exclusively at the institute and 8 were developed in collaboration, with the institute as the main participant.

Both individually and collectively, the Institute’s members are involved in networks and associations at both national and international levels, co-operating on joint projects and professional and scientific exchanges. In 1996, the panel of experts appointed by the Ministry of Science to assess research institutions, considered ICS to be “Excellent”.


Professor Joao Ferrao, PhD (Geography)

Joao Ferrao is a senior researcher in the Instituto de Ciencias Sociais (University of Lisbon). His present main interests are on SME?s, innovation, entrepreneurship and regional developmente policies. He has carried out several evaluation studies, both to the Portuguese gouvernment and the European Comission. Publications include 5 books and more than 70 articles. He was president of the Portuguese Regional Science Association (1987-1990).

Professor Raul Lopes, PhD (Regional Economics)

Raul Lopes has a Master Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, Technical University of Lisbon, and a PhD in Regional Economy, ISCTE (Instituto Superior de Ciencias do Trabalho e da Empresa) University. At present he is a Professor and President of the Economics Department of ISCTE. His main research interests are: Regional Economy, Regional Policy and Planning, Local and Rural development strategies. He has published several articles and books on these topics.

Maria de Futima Ferreiro, MSc (Economics and Social Policy)

She is a lecturer in the Economics Department of ISCTE (Instituto Superior de Ciencias do Trabalho e da Empresa). She has a degree in Sociology (ISCTE) and a Master degree in Economics and Social Policy (ISEG). Recent projects include agricultural and rural policy development in the Alentejo region. Her present main interests are on Community policies, state intervention and agricultural transformation.


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