Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden), The Centre for Marketing, Distribution and Industry Dynamics (D-section) and the Centre for Information and Communications (CIC)


The Centre for Marketing, Distribution and Industry Dynamics (d-section) is one of the three centres responsible for teaching and research in Marketing at the Stockholm School of Economics. The D-section focuses on market strategies, market structure, and various kinds of change processes within the interplay between the firm and the market. FDR works with various marketing problems within trading, focusing on consumer behaviour, marketing communication, market analysis, and issues pertaining to retailing and distribution. CIC is a newly founded unit that works with IT-related research and education addressing markets and marketing, and the relation between them and the new opportunities generated by the rapid technological development.

The research program of the d-section deals with marketing, distribution and technical change in the context of the structure and processes of industrial systems.

The Center for Information and Communications Research at the Stockholm School of Economics is an information and competence centre set up to co-ordinate and pursue business research regarding the use of communications and information technology. CIC actively stimulates, co-ordinates and supports domestic work within these fields while also acting as a platform for international research.

Although created just recently, CIC has a solid base of academic expertise and business experience from senior positions onboard.

Professor Lars-Gunnar MATTSSON (civilekonom, Ekon. Lic, Ekon. Dr, Ekon Dr (h.c.)

Professor Mattsson is the Peter Wallenberg Professor of International Marketing, and the director of the Centre for Marketing Distribution and Industry Dynamics of the Stockholm School of Economics. Professor Mattsson’s main specialisation area is distribution, on which he has received two prizes, namely the Ahlsell Prize (1978) and the "Handelns Stora Pris fran de Säderbergska Stiftelserna" (1991). He is a board member of a number of Swedish and international organisations such as the Marketing Technology Center, the European Marketing Academy, the Institute for International Business etc., Journals such as The International Journal for Research in Marketing, the Scandinavian Journal for Management Research, the International Marketing Management and the Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing.

Associate Professor Anders Lundgren PhD

Co-director of CIC, Dr Anders Lundgren has been an Associate Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics, Department of Marketing, since 1992. His dissertation (Technological Innovation and Industrial Evolution – The Emergence of New Industrial Networks) in 1992 was named Best Dissertation in Business Administration, and the same year Dr Lundgren received the Stockholm School of Economics award for excellent achievements.

Dr. Dimitrios Ioannidis, PhD

Dr Ioannidis holds a doctorate from the Department of Marketing at the Stockholm School of Economics. His thesis, defended in 1988, deals with how a Public Telecommunications Operator (SwedishTelia) elaborates its strategy to handle developments in public policy.

Wikstrand Eva

Eva Wilkstrand is a graduate of the Stockholm University, Department of Zoology.  Since February 1998 she is participating as an assistant in a two year EU financed international TSER project, about the connection between Science and technology policies and enterprises research joint ventures, on a national and an EU level.


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