University of Macedonia (Greece), Dept of Economic Sciences, Regional Development and Policy Research Unit (co-ordination)


The Regional Development and Policy Research Unit -RDPRU is an informal research unit in the Department of Economic Sciences, University of Macedonia.

The RDPRU promotes a multidisciplinary approach bringing together researchers from a diversity of backgrounds (economics, statistics, engineering, etc). In addition RDPRU has a particular interest in transnational comparative analysis. The RDPRU has extensive experience in project co-ordination and has participated in many international projects.

The research activity of RDPRU focuses on issues such as: Economies in Transition penetration of Greek firms in the Balkan Countries; Regional incentives to industry; Developments of different industrial sectors; Diffused industrialization subcontracting in manufacturing; Development plans for certain areas; Refugees settlements and Evaluation of major projects.


Professor Lois Labrianidis, the head of RDPRU, is the project coordinator, while three Researchers from the RDPRU and two faculty members of the University of the Macedonia, the University of the Aegean and the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, form the Greek Team.


Professor Lois Labrianidis MA PhD

Professor Labrianidis is an economic geographer (MA -Sussex, Ph.D. -LSE). He is Professor in the Department of Economics, University of Macedonia. He has done research and published articles and books on topics such as industrial location, regional incentives, rural development, the spatial aspects of subcontracting, the economic implications of peripheral universities on their local community, the economic implications of the opening of Greek companies to the CEE's, as well as development projects for several areas of Greece.


Assistant Professor P.M. Delladetsimas BARCH. Dip. UCL, MPHIL UCL, PHD NTUA, MRTPI

(department of Geography, University of the Aegean), P.M. Delladetsimas is involved in teaching on Urban Geography, Planning Methods and Land Policy. He has worked as research fellow in France (Lille) and his main research topics are real estate and land-use development, emergency planning, services and spatial development. He has participated and coordinated numerous research programs three of which in the context of CEC comparative research (Poverty III, Knowledge Intensive Services and Innovation, Urban Polarisation and Social Exclusion in the City).


Associate Professor Olga Iakovidou, MSc,DEA,PhD.

Olga Iakovidou is an agronomist with post graduate studies in Rural Development ( MSc,DEA from Montpellier-France) and Rural Tourism (PhD). She is Associate Professor in Rural Sociology-Rural tourism in the Department of Agricultural Economics, School of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her principal research interests relate to the planification and impacts of Rural Tourism as well as to the Rural development. Recent projects include planning of agro-tourism development in different mountainous regions of Greece as well as the attitudes of farmers towards the rpotection of the environment.


Associate Professor Stella Karagianni, M.A., Ph.D.

Associate Professor Stella Karagianni, is an economist. Her specialization and publications are concentrated on public economics and industrial policy and relations. Her more recent projects include the consequences of incentives on the regional development of Greek Industry, the industry location in Greece and the implications of outward FDI of Greek firms to the CEECs to the Greek Economy.


Kalogeressis Thanassis, M.Sc.

Kalogeresis Thanassis is an economist (BA in Economics University of Macedonia, M.Sc. University of Wales, PhD candidate University of Macedonia). He is a Research Fellow working with the RDPRU. He has participated in several research projects on topics such as the opening of Greek companies to the CEE's, regional / local development projects and the external trade of Greek firms.


Skordili Sophia, M.A., Ph.D.

Skordili Sophia is an economic geographer (BA in Business Administration Athens University of Economics, M.A. in Regional Development Panteion University, Ph.D. in Economic Geography Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki). She is a Research Fellow working with the RDPRU. She has participated in several research projects on topics such as Industrial Restructuring, The Food processing Sector, Small Firms , Area Development Projects.


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