Travelling around the city


There are several places near Thessaloniki which are worth visiting.


Vergina Archaeological site about a 20 minute drive from Thessaloniki. It is the place where the tomb of King Philip II of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great, was unearthed by the famed Greek archaeologist M. Andronikos. The main findings are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, however in the area there is a museum which houses other artifacts found during the excavations.


The beautiful three-prone peninsula to the south-east of Thessaloniki is a popular tourist destination. The wonderful beaches, the crystal clear waters and the combination of sea and mountain, as forests reach the sea, make it one of the most popular destinations in Greece.

The Kassandra peninsula is about 1,5h away from Thessaloniki and its beaches are a favourite destination of package tourism.

The Sythonian peninsula is about 2h away from Thessaloniki and it is home to green pine forests and some beautiful.

Mount Athos (Agio Oros) is the unique settlement of 20 impressive monasteries. The eastern peninsula of Chalkidiki is actually an autonomous religious community where several Christian Orthodox monasteries are located, built on spectacular cliffs. Note that only male visitors are allowed on Agios Oros, and each can stay for four nights at the monasteries as guests. Visitors depart to Agios Oros from Ouranoupoli port.

In Chalkidiki one may also visit Stagira (98km), the homeland of the Philosopher Aristoteles.

You can also visit the Cave of Petralona, with the stone skull of the caveman as one of its exhibits.

Mount Olympus

The highest mountain of Greece was, according to the myth, the residence of the 12 Olympian gods in ancient times. Nowadays Olympus is a favorite destination for mountain climbing. It has 8 sharp peeks, the highest one in 2918m, ready to challenge even the most experienced climbers. In Olympus there is a national park. It is located southern of Thessaloniki, about 1,5h away.


Also visit Dion (85km from Thessaloniki), where Macedonians kept their temples for the Olympius Zeus, Dionysos, Asklipios, Artemis, Aftoditi, Orpheas and The Pierides muses.

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