Sport activities


You can find a wide range of sports all over city, from athletics, soccer, volleyball and basketball to tennis, golf, sailing and windsurfing, or even bowling or billiards, giving the opportunity to both local people and visitors to practise.

You can choose among private gyms, public gyms, and stadiums.

A cheap alternative is in the paved part of the seafront, where you can keep in shape (walking, running, bicycling, roller-skating and exercising) and also have a glance at our city.

The entire region is full of opportunities for sports and athletic events all year round. Nearby Olympus is perfect for mountaineering and climbing, whereas in Chalkidiki you can find a paradise of watersports, such as surfing, snorkelling and scuba diving facilities in a few areas.

There are also several scuba diving schools in Thessaloniki that organize diving trips to sites in Chalkidiki.

Yet despite the stereotype of Greece as a summer destination, the region of Macedonia boasts plenty of snow-capped mountains and fully equipped ski resorts providing for the novice to the experienced skier.

Seli ski resort, 22 km from Veria and 95 Km from Thessaloniki and the Chrisso Elafi ski resort, nearby located. The 3-5 Pigadia ski resort, 17 km from Naoussa. The Elatochori ski resort near the homonymous traditional village, 28 km from Katerini, Olympos, home to the Greek Gods of mythology, also features a small but very interesting ski resort, 50 km from Leptokaria.

It is also worth mentioning the nearby ski resorts of Lailia, Vora and Falakro.

Information about sport centres:

Sports Address / Telephone
Sailing Club of Thessaloniki Leoforos M. Alexandrou, 2310 830 939
Naval Club of Thessaloniki Th. Sofoul 96, 2310 414 521
Rowing Club of Kalamaria Mikro Emvolo, 2310 412 068
National swimming Poll of Thessaloniki 2310 203 126
Swimming Poll of Hanth 2310 274 410
Posidonio Athletic Centre 2310 427 414
Tennis Club Cyprou 16, 2310 411 569
Tennis Club of Hanth 2310 274 410
Posidonio Athletic Centre 2310 427 114
Riding Club of Thessaloniki Panorama, 2310 270 676
Ippotis Georgiki Sxoli, 2310 473 537
Ski resorts  
Seli ski resort  
3-5 Pigadia