Local transportation system


Within the city public transportation is run exclusively by the Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki (OASTH), which runs all the city buses. The organization of Urban Transport of Thessaloniki (OASTH) proceeds in the modernization of its fleet by receiving and put gradually into circulation in the streets of Thessaloniki state-of-the-art buses (over 80% of the fleet), with air-conditioning, anti-pollution system, and facilities for people with special needs.

University of Macedonia is conveniently situated in the centre of the city.

The price of a standard ticket is 0,50€ (0,25€ for the students who have a student pass). The Ticket permits the transfer between any bus line up to three times, so long as if it is checked into the bus’s ticket machine within 70 minutes of its issue/first use.

Prepaid Standard Tickets can be found in OASTH stores as well as in ~1500 accredited stores throughout the city. Please bear in mind that tickets issued by the in-bus ticket machines have a slight cost increase over prepaid tickets (0.60 € for regular, 0.30 € for reduced).

When you buy your ticket, you need to validate it at the beginning of your destination.

There are also 24 hour tickets, weekly tickets and monthly, 3 months, 6 months and annual transport cards.

Be careful if you are caught traveling without a ticket you will have to pay a fine.

Important note: operating hours of buses: 05:00 until 01:00.

Here is an overview of the prices for public transportation system:

Type of ticket Normal Reduced/student tickets
Standard ticket 0,50€ 0,25€
24 hour ticket 2,00€ 1,00€
Weekly ticket 10,00€ 5,00€
Type of Unlimited travel cards Normal Reduced/Student card
Monthly 25,00€ 12,50€
3 Month 70,00€ 35,00€
6 Month 137,50€ 68,50€
Annual 262,50€ 131,00€

For furthermore information check out the following site:  www.oasth.gr
Information for bus routes: http://www.oasth.gr/service/routes_eng.php
Information for tickets: http://www.oasth.gr/service/tickets_eng.php

Taxis are omnipresent and you can hire one either by rendezvous, call to a radio-taxi company, hail them at any point in the street or pick one at a taxi rank.

Thessaloniki Radiotaxi info
Makedonia 2310 550500-1
Megas Alexandros 2310 866866
Thessaloniki 2310 551525
Omega 2310 511855
Lefkos Pyrgos 2310 214900
Mercedes Club 2310 552021

The basic fare for all taxi companies is 2.80 Euro.