Health insurance


All exchange students (EU citizens) who study at University of Macedonia are considered pursuant to the Greek legislation, as hosted students. As such, they enjoy the same rights and are subject to the same obligations with the Greek students. †This means that you have the right for free medical care, including medication and hospital treatment, as long as you provide a copy of your ††European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) covering the entire period of studying.

This card is available through the Health Board (Health Insurance Institutions) in your home country.

In order to have health insurance in Greece you need to apply for foreign health protection from your own insurance company before you leave home (or proof of a private health insurance policy).

Please see the EHIC website for information on how to get the card in your country. Only in case of an emergency the University can provide a medical care booklet to the students (without the copy of essential papers) that have not the necessary papers from their country.

Important note
* Please make sure that your health insurance is valid for the entire semester(s) for which you wish to register.