Cost living


We suggest that you need approximately 550 euro per month to cover sufficiently all your basic living costs. The money you will spend depends on your lifestyle. This proposed cost takes into account all costs including food, public transport and entertainment.

Prices of common goods like milk, ice cream, bottled water etc. may significantly vary from location to location, especially in tourist resorts where prices are usually higher than normal. By law and the consumers protection, factory prices of such products are required to be in clear display on the package. On the other hand, certain goods like cigarettes and various snacks (candy bars, potato chips) must be sold at the require retail price, or lower as set by the government.

Rent ~200,00
At a restaurant ~15,00
Fast food ~4,00
In the University Restaurant 1 /meal
Public transportation  
One way ticket 0,40
Monthly passes 15
Newspaper 1,00 4,00
Cinema ticket ~5,00
Theatre ticket ~12,00
Drink in a cafe / bar 3,00 8,00