Forced Migration in E. and S.E. Europe



Forced Migration in E. and S.E. Europe

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Level of Course


Year of Study

3rd+ 4th year students



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Name of Instructor

Assoc. Prof. Eftihia Voutira


voutira@uom. gr

Office Hours

Thursday 12-2pm.

In-Classroom Study

3hrs / week

Out-of-Classroom Study

2hours / week

Objective of the Course

To teach about the varieties of voluntary and forced migration movements in a historical and contemporary regional (e.g. South-eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa) perspective.



Course Contents

International Migration before 1945 (colonialism, migration to North America, the Interwar period, labour migration within Europe). Post WWII refugee movements, Decolonization.  Case studies of humanitarian emergencies (e.g. Yugoslav Conflict, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Chechnyia, Iraq).  National and International Responses. Immediate and longer term implications of refugee policies.
Post Cold war migrations and new Diasporas. Legal and illegal migration and integration policies.

Recommended Readings

The Age of Migration .International Population Movements in the Modern World. Stephen Castles and Mark Miller eds, Palgrave , 3rd edition, London 2003.

Teaching Methods

Lectures, documentaries, in class discussions.

Assesment Methods

 30% Homeworks, 10% Class participation, 60% Final Exams.

Language of Instruction


Course Schedule


1. Week

Definitions : Migrants and Refugees

2. Week

The Emergence of the International Refugee Regime

3. Week

International Migration in the Cold War period

4. Week

Cold War refugee crises ( eg. Vietnam, Tibet)

5. Week

Post colonial refugee crises ( e.g. Algeria, Uganda, Sudan)

6. Week

The Origins of the Middle-East Conflict

7. Week

The Soviet Intervention in Afghanistan and its impact on the region. The end of the Cold War in Africa . Repatriation in Mozambique, Angola and Eritrea

8. Week

Refugee Crises in the 1990’s : Former Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Zair

9. Week


Post Cold War Migration Regimes in the Developed countries: ‘Fortress Europe’ and Islam in the West


Post Soviet  and East-West Migration Patterns


The Iraq Conflict over time : 1991-2006


International Refugee Protection and  New Labour migrations