Student Experiences (English)

Renata Berzinskaite, Lithuania

So what can I say about my Erasmus... I think its enought one word - it was perfect!! these five months was the best time in my life. Wonderful and unforgettable country, beautiful and never sleeping city, warm,passionate, crazy and very hospitable people. And ofcourse Erasmus Union with the most crazy and devoted people (I will never forget Erasmus parties in 8th ball:)). So for these who are thinking were to go for Erasmus I can say - don't think just write GREECE, THESSALONIKI, UNIVERSITY OF MACEDONIA. I promis you will never regret it!!!


It was the best period in my life, I met so nice people and I discovered this amazing country. I want to say thank you to everyone in the UOM because I did a lot of things with them and every time they were here for the erasmus people...It were a, be happy!!! don't waste your time because the time will go very fast and visit a lot of place!

Luis Fernandez Jimenez, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain

If you are planning to come at UOM Thessaloniki for Erasmus or you are already here reading this is because you are going to know all the crazy people of the Erasmus association and the staff from the UOM. They are going to make your Erasmus like a dream!

Yana Stancheva, University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

The” Real” European stars are not those you could see on the flag so many people pledge in. Those are some vague representations of what once someone somewhere thought meant something…The “REAL” ones are those who you meet and who “shine” through your days.

Vaiva Maslauskaite, University of Vilnious, Lithuania

Go Go Go!!! To Erasmus! To Thessaloniki!!! To Pamak!!!

Pierfilippo Galetti, University of Pavia, Italy

Ciao Amici!
If you are reading this text in something like english it meens that
you are choosing Thessaloniki like the city of your erasmus, choose it
or not continue to read this!
I am from Italy and right now I finished my erasmus program and I'm
trying to do everything to stay here in Greece to live. I made my
studies in PAMAK in the Music Department, MET.
It's a good department for the teachers, was born ten years ago, my
favourite subjects were all in the recording studio of the University,

Niki Mavrena, University of Mainz, Germany

You have to live it, to know it and to feel it! Erasmus in Thessaloniki is unique!

Koen Indesteege, Hasselt University, Belgium

A big thanks to the university and to my tutor for the great time they offered me. I had a wonderful time here in Thessaloniki and I am going to return to Greece for sure!

Ania Fober, University of Kroctaw, Poland

Big euxaristo to all Professors from BSAS and staff from Erasmus grafeio for making my experiance in Thessaloniki so wonderful. I hope to come back.

Simona Lopetaityte, Vilnius University, Lithuania

As you go in this Erasmus world always believe in yourself, every day do something new, be interested in others and what they may teach you, try everything and leave the others wondering how it might me. It will be one of the best experoances of your lives! I hope you will fall in love with Greece, as i did!

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