Before your arrival

Before you leave home you need to think about Accommodation, Budgeting, Financial Requirements, Health, Language Preparation, etc.

After you have been accepted as an Erasmus+ Student by our University, please keep in touch with our Departmental Administrative Erasmus Coordinator of the chosen Faculty.

After receiving (attention: only via e-mail) the Letter of Acceptance you must:

  • Arrange accommodation
  • Arrange your ticket travel
  • Inform your Departmental Administrative Erasmus Coordinator about the exact date of your arrival
  • Prepare a clearly readable copy of your passport / ID-card
  • Prepare a copy of valid health insurance papers or European Health Card (for EU-members), covering your entire period of study at University of Macedonia
  • Prepare 4 passport pictures with your name written on the back

We wish you a safe and pleasant journey and
look forward to welcoming you when you arrive!