Students with special needs

University of   Macedonia has the infrastructure to support students with disabilities. The accessibility to all premises of our University is possible.

Students with special needs are treated the same as all other students. They have the same rights to health services (at the Student’s Welfare Office), the University dormitory and the access at any student’s activities organised from the Student’s Association and ESN. Every effort is made to support students with disabilities, to their specific needs and problems and to offer practical solutions such as assistance on academic issues, ease of access to University facilities and generally providing every possible assistance during exams (e.g. oral exams, allow sufficient time, etc.) .

Student with disabilities will be contacted before the final approval of the acceptance. While sending the nomination letter, please inform the Erasmus Office and the Departmental Coordinator (10 months prior to arrival) about your need to a special access or assistance, in order to provide the proper support.

Final decision depends on extra servises/facilities available.

  • For hearing impaired students :

In the majority of situations there is support on a volunteer basis. Two special devises of sound amplifier (enhances sound), have been supplied at our University. Every student with hearing problems can apply to use them.

A member of the teaching staff of the Department of Educational and Social Policy, will assign to a PhD student to offer practical assistance.