Visa/Residence Formalities

For students and citizens from the European Union it is not necessary to have a student visa to enter Greece. However, a valid passport is, of course, necessary.

If you are not a citizen from the EU you are advised to contact the Greek Embassy or Consulate ( in your home country for entrance regulations prior to your departure. 

If you are a student accepted through a student exchange program, you will need a student visa issued by the Greek embassy or consul in your country of residence. To obtain this visa you will need a letter from the University which states the reason for your visit and the duration of your stay. 

Researchers will need a Type D visa issued by the Greek embassy or consul in your country of residence. You will need the hosting agreement and an invitation letter from the University of Macedonia.

Family Members: All students and researchers (EU & non-EU citizens) planning to bring their families here for the duration of their studies / contract are advised to bring with you documents required by the Greek public services. These are: copies of your marriage certificate and the birth certificates of your children which have been verified as true copies - ie stamped with an Apostille stamp by the authority that issued the certificates in your country. This should be done prior to arrival. 

The student visa (for non EU residents) issued to you will be valid up to 90 days and is activated immediately upon its issuance. It is very important, therefore, for you to arrange to travel to Greece as soon as possible after receiving your visa.

After coming to Greece with your student visa, please be informed that it is necessary for you to apply immediately for the Residence Permit for Studies, which will be valid for the duration of your studies, due to the fact that the documents required for the submission of an application for a residence permit take a considerable length of time in order to be prepared.  

Applications for residence permits are made at the Immigration Office of the Regional Administration in Thessaloniki, every day except Wednesday

Taki Oikonomidi str 1, tel. 2313309201, 2313309202, 2313309207, 2313309422.

Note: entry with a tourist visa is not acceptable for students


For further information see the sites on  Gathering Information / A-Z of Useful information of during your stay  and for step-by-step information and advice  contact us ( at any time before or after your arrival 

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