Pierfilippo Galetti, University of Pavia, Italy

Ciao Amici!
If you are reading this text in something like english it meens that
you are choosing Thessaloniki like the city of your erasmus, choose it
or not continue to read this!
I am from Italy and right now I finished my erasmus program and I'm
trying to do everything to stay here in Greece to live. I made my
studies in PAMAK in the Music Department, MET.
It's a good department for the teachers, was born ten years ago, my
favourite subjects were all in the recording studio of the University,
very very nice. If you play instrument you can record inside for free,
and go away with your demo recording. The Music Department has at the
first the practice, and in 4 months(02/2009-06/2009) I learnt more
than I could do in Italy, more theory!
This is my experience, for everyone it'll be different.
The music scene in the city is something incredible. In the student
parties, every week, you can see concert of greek folk music (if you
don't like it remember you are not a man!), or electronic music
parties with beers for 1 euro! In the clubs in the city you can assist
to severals kind of live music, just take a walk after 23 every night
and trust to your ears. The drinks are a little more expansive than
Italy but go out and eat good it's very cheap.
Thessaloniki is very near to many cities that you can visit also with
good sea, good monument, but in general places that is good to see one
time in the life. I will not write any name of clubs, places that i
visited because it's good for you to discover them!
The Erasmus Association it's full of beautiful boys and girls that
don't have problem to organise parties and excursion to all the beautiful Greece.
They will help you to find an house, to find every
thing that you need and I mean everything... Really great guys.
Go in Thessaloniki and learn greek, it's quiet difficult but so funny
for some nice expression. For all the boys: "find greek woman but be
careful cause they are femme fatal"