Gathering Information

Is there a bookshop in campus?
Yes. Bookstore Anikoula is located on the campus. You can buy with a discount 10%.

How can I make friends if I don’t speak the local language?
That should not be a problem. It is surprising how well Greeks speak English and they would probably be happy to practise their language skills with you. Also, you would not be the only exchange student in University so you would surely make friends with them.

How much will I spend in Thessaloniki?
To attain a reasonable standard of living in Greece, you should have a minimal income of Euro 550 per month. For furthermore information click here.

What facilities are offered to exchange students?
Exchange students will have the same facilities as the Greek ones: access to the library, the University restaurant, computer and multimedia facilities, e-mail, sports and all extra cultural activities organized for students.