Deadlines and arrival dates

What do I have to send to be accepted as an Erasmus student?
Application Procedure
Students should send the following documents by post or via e-mail, to the Departmental Administrative Erasmus Coordinator. The following forms, duly completed and signed, constitute an exchange application:

  • Fully completed application form with your signature
  • Transcript of Records. The transcript should clearly state the courses you have taken and the grades you have achieved. Please also attach an explanation of the grading system used if it is not clearly stated in the transcript

The process of admitting will start and you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation of receipt and later a letter of acceptance.

  • Learning agreement (2 original copies)

When should I apply for UOM?
Duly completed and signed application form, transcript of records and accommodation form, should reach the receiving Faculties at the following dates at the latest:

20 June for the Autumn and full academic year

20 November for Spring semester

Are there any costs involved with the application?
There are no application fees.

Is there someone at UOM that I may contact by email if I have questions about my application or the application procedure?
Please send all inquires to the Departmental Administrative responsible.

How long should it take for a decision on my application to be made?
It varies by department and if they have a committee review. Please contact with your Departmental Administrative responsible to see where they are on their decision making process.

Where do I send my portfolio if my department requires it?
If your department requires a portfolio, please send it directly to the department of which you applied to. If you are unsure of their address, please go to the contact list to locate their address accordingly.

When should I arrive at UOM?
Exchange students may come to University of Macedonia either for the full academic year, or for one full semester.
When setting your travel plans, you are requested to schedule your arrivals as follows:

Dates of Arrivals:

 For Autumn semester:
1st of October at the earliest and 10th of October at the latest.

 For the Spring semester:
1st of February at the earliest and 10th of February at the latest.

Please do not arrive on weekends or late in the evening as staff and contact per¬sons will not be available for you then. The dates will be sent to the students with the acceptance letter. They are also indicated in the academic calendar and in the web site.

What are the criteria to be accepted as an Erasmus student at UOM?
If you wish to study at UOM under the Erasmus programme, your home institution must have a formal (bilateral) agreement with UOM.
You must then contact the Erasmus Coordinator at your home institution to discuss your eligibility. If no agreement exists it is not possible to participate in the Erasmus Programme.

Can I attend UOM as a free mover?
Unfortunately, UOM does not admit free movers.

I will be arriving at UOM this year to study as an Erasmus student. Where should I go to register?
Starting your exchange at UOM you will find your Deparmtental Administrative responsible for the Erasmus Program. He/She is your most important contact person. You will receive all of the relevant information from him/her and he/she is responsible for your registration. Registration means that you become a member of the University and entitles you to full use of University facilities.

When will I receive my transcript of records?
Original transcripts of records will be sent to partner institutions approximately four weeks after the examinations have finished.