Career office

The career Office of the University of Macedonia focuses on immediate, direct, valid and effective service of all students and graduates. The career office encourages and fosters the user’s knowledge management and efficiency having as an ultimate purpose the reassurance of an “appropriate” and successful career path for each one of them.

It aims to evolve into an effective and dynamic tool of a two-way information channel between the University of Macedonia and private sector.

The career’s office initiatives are:

  • Enlightenment on post graduate studies in Greece and abroad
  • Information of scholarships and other means of financing studies
  • Keeping students and graduates updated on job openings in both private and public sector
  • Forwarding / promoting the graduates’ and students’ CVs to various companies
  • Career planning – writing your own CV, getting prepared for an interview
  • Collaboration with companies and organizations, collecting data on labor market
  • Organizing events
  • Generating leaflets

Members of the career office are regularly informed via e-mail

Furthermore information:
Tel: +30 2310 891 221
Fax: +30 2310 891 260
e-mail: &
Website (only in Greek):